G Security Desktop Locker

Freeware Desktop Locker For Windows

What is G Security?

Secure Desktop Locker

Built for Windows

Small Size and Low Impact on System Resources

Programmed for Performance


Coded in Visual Basic

G Security is an easy to use Desktop locker/Screen locker developed for Microsoft Windows. It allows a user to securely lock down Windows in such a way that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorized user. G Security is light weight and easy to use with a highly user friendly interface. It prevents anyone from accessing your computer when it's locked down so that your private data stored on the computer cannot be accessed by anyone. It completely locks down your computer so that even if someone gets a hold of your computer, he or she can do nothing on it. It can lock down your computer on start up as well as any time you want just by pressing some keys. Once the computer is locked down shortcut keys like Alt+tab, Ctrl+Alt+Esc, Alt+F4 etc. will not work at all. The Ctrl+Alt+Del screen will also be secured in such a way that no one can unlock your computer without correct password. Any running application will also be prevented from messing up with the locked computer. It can be used by multiple users at a time on a single computer with the settings stored for each user individually so that each user can use G Security with its own preferences. G Security also supports hotkey to lock the system. In a few words its extremely secure, easy to use and configurable desktop locking solution available for everyone free of cost.


G Security Desktop Locker 1

G Security Lock Screen

G Security Desktop Locker 2

Settings Window

G Security Desktop Locker 3

About Window

G Security Desktop Locker 4

Log Viewer

Awards Won By G Security

Softpedia Award

100% Clean Award By Softpedia

Majorgeeks Award

100% Clean Award By Majorgeeks.com

Software Informer Virus Free award

Software Informer Award

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