Below is a list of features of G Security

Secure Desktop Locking

Once the computer is locked, no one will be able to access it even if they use hotkeys like ALT + F4, ALT + Tab etc.

Multi User Support

Multiple Users can use G Security with there own passwords and settings on the same computer.

Brute Force Attack Protection

Enter a wrong password three times and the computer will automatically shut down.

Smart Logging Capability

G Security logs everything which includes login attempts, errors and changes in settings.

Hotkey Locking Support

Lock the computer by just pressing Ctrl + L any time you want.

Built for any kind of user

Any user whether novice and advance can easily user G Security.

It's Free

Use it as long as you want free of charge.

Full Windows Support

Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 with ease.

Well Designed Interface

User Interface is Modern, Beautiful, Simple and Easy to Use.

Less Resource Hungry

G Security causes virtually no stress on the computer.

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